Wrap Up.

I am only leaving Montreal now after a day of wrap-up meetings followed by a day’s rest.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed toward making our event so special. We are very proud of what we produced and felt wonderful support along the way from volunteers, dancers, parents and teachers.

It was very humbling to be stopped in the aisles by people I didn’t know who wanted to express their gratitude for all the countless hours of planning we put in to these Championships.

Regarding Lost and Found at the Palais, I have been advised to share this e-mail address: co-securite@congresmtl.com

For anything lost at a hotel please contact them directly.

Regarding participation patches or world qualifier certificates please email a name and address to: naidc2014@gmail.com by August 31st. As of September 1, this account will be no longer be checked so any messages submitted will go unanswered. It seems a lot of requests are for dancers in team-only events. Yes, they are entitled to patches too. I have so far had a twenty requests for patches but 15 did not supply mailing addresses. If you request a patch without supplying an address you will not receive one.

Regarding results, families who did not purchase them on site may download copies at http://www.quickfeis.com on the home page. Teachers will (soon) find results by accessing their account using the username and password with which they used to register their dancers.

I think that’s it. Have a great summer and see you in Providence, Rhode Island for the 2015 NAIDC run by the New England Region.

-Ryan Carroll ADCRG
2014 Co-Chair


Wristband and Practice Room Update and Local Admission Policy Clarified.

Our policy about wristbands to access vendors has changed again.

We will now have staff on the actual competition doors checking wristbands so that people can access the vendor room and practice stages without requiring them.

The main stages and those in the practice rooms were built much quicker than expected so we are hoping to open the rooms by 11am on Tuesday instead of the published time on the website. We are laying down the flooring tonight which has to settle before we can tape it in the morning.

I am getting a lot of questions every day for info that is on this website and running out of time to answer everyone. Please scroll down the main page and also click on the various tabs to do a full search before asking. Be sure to read the Need To Know section in the Downloads section but note that a some of the info has since changed (such as what is listed above).

Any locals enquiring about coming up for the day from eastern Ontario (postal codes K1A *** to K2Z ***) can show ID like residents of Québec/upstate New York/upstate Vermont to qualify for local access pricing. Persons aged 7 &under no charge; 8-17 $10; 18-64 $20 and 65+ $10.

We’re nearly there. Safe travels. See you soon.