Qualification Policy for Solo Events.

  1. All Open Championship dancers may enter.
  2. All dancers in the Under 10 and older age groups who do not meet the above qualification must qualify at their Regional Oireachtas. The Top Ten dancers plus 25% of the competition (based on number of actual dancers, not entries) will qualify, subject to them achieving a recall.
  3. Under 8 and Under 9 dancers may be entered at the discretion of their teacher.

NOTE: Preliminary dancers who achieve their required first place wins by May 1, 2014 and opt to enter based on Rule 1 must enter all future feiseanna as an Open Championship dancer. [Per IDTANA rule passed July 2006]

NOTE: Qualified pupils of a hired adjudicator (and their associations) may defer their qualification to the following year’s event. [Per IDTANA rule passed July 2006]


3 thoughts on “Qualification Policy for Solo Events.

  1. Hi my question is if you are a prem lim dancer and earned 2 first placings in a another region other than your own do you qualify to compete at nationals, Mid-Atlantic region requires that you get 3 first in pre-lim before you move to open, all other regions require 2 first to move to open. just checking

  2. If your TC allows you to compete out of region as an OC having moved up because you have the region’s required 2 firsts than I Think you would be eligible. But ultimately up to TC. Many in Mid-Atlantic want you to actually get what is required in home regions

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