Sponsors and Vendors

We are delighted to have support of the following sponsors and vendors:

Experient Inc.
Irish Dance Teachers Association of New England
St. Patrick’s Society of Montréal

Camp Rince Ceol – A Week at Camp for 1st Prize in Essay Contest
Ryan & O’Donnell – A Pair of Shoes for 1st Place in Solo Competitions
KatieLuck – Socks for Top Five in Girls/Ladies Solo & 1st Place in Girls/Ladies 8H Competitions

NorthWest Designs
Rutherford Products
Shamrock Photography

Kz Curlz/Camelia Rose
Fay Shoes
Dingle Bay Creations
Head For The World
Youngblood Haircutters
Eire Designs
Gold & Shamrock
Emerald Key
Siopa Rince

Melaine Murphy
Lewis Irish Dresses
Reel Boom

Feis Fab
Rising Star Designs
Elevation Design
Dance Bling

Vending and Advertising opportunities have now closed.  Thank you for your interest.  If you are interested in Sponsorship, please contact us to see what we can arrange at this point.

Sponsor Vendor Advertiser Package


5 thoughts on “Sponsors and Vendors

  1. Last year we had more information about travel deals, make-up, taining, and sight seeing info. Are you not going to update us on these things?
    When does the schedual for times come out? is that going to be posted on here or is there anouther website/facebook that has more information.

    Just incase no one knows, FeisTan is taking appointments for tanning. Youngblood Haircutters is doing make-up and hair, you can email them for booking appointments.

    • Thank you for this information. I was just trying to learn more about tanning options. Is there a facebook page for this year’s Nationals? Last year’s facebook page was very useful. Can’t seem to find a 2014 page.

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