Still looking for a room? No longer able to attend and have a room to release?

Leave details here and connect with other families to get what you need.

As of June 5, there are still rooms for the whole week at:

Holiday Inn


156 thoughts on “HOTEL EXCHANGE

  1. Physically challenged guest needing to stay as close to venue as possible. Does anyone have a room with 2 beds available at the Holiday Inn or Westin for July 5 and possibly July 4?

  2. I have a room at the Delta with 2 Queen beds from July 4th thru July 7th. Deposit paid was $177 US. Please email me if you are interested.

      • The rooms I have at the Fairmont are for tonight (July 1) and tomorrow (July 2), checking out on July 3. Feel free to email me if you ‘re interested in either tonight or tomorrow night. Peg dot griffiths 18 at gmail dot com

  3. Looking for a room at any block hotel with two beds for July 4th and July 5th at a minimum, but can take July 3rd through the 6th.

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