I have received several requests for hotels whilst at the world championships these past ten days and due to very limited email access have not yet addressed them personally.

We are seeking to contract more properties and hope to have news shortly. Hang in there. Something will come up.

Delta still has over 100 King rooms a night.

If you are holding out for something closer, there isn’t going to be anything new that is closer; we have it all. The existing hotels have already added more rooms to our contracts and will not be adding anything further.

If you are waiting for doubles then please know we will try to get doubles with any new properties but they will go quickly so you may not get one and might be better off booking a King at the Delta in case you can only get a King at a new hotel. Hotels have given us full inventory of doubles so far but they all have limited numbers in the first place.

Once entries close, people who held rooms in case they were needed for teams who don’t end up being needed for teams will release room nights in their bookings, freeing up rooms on peak nights for you.

Entries close May 1 so perhaps wait until then to try calling again.


Online Entries Open Today

Regional Directors were sent the online entry information this morning so that should filter out to teachers during the day.  Just in case, I will post the entry website below.

Teachers will need a verification code to set up an account (teachers who registered dancers in the 2012 and/or 2013 Mid-America Oireachtas will already have an account to use).  This code was sent in the e-mail earlier today and will not be posted here for security reasons.

Only registered teachers may lodge entries.

Teachers – please check the Downloads section for the syllabus if you have misplaced your copy.

Good luck – we look forward to welcoming you.



Announcing – Le Saint Sulpice and Hôtel Dauphin.

Now open for reservations…

Le Saint Sulpice:
414 Saint Sulpice, Montréal
No web link; phone-in only.
$225 per suite per night.

All-suite boutique hotel in Old Montréal. 6 minute walk to venue.
Reservation department: 1-866-811-1345 or 514-350-1177
Mention “Irish Dance Championship, July 2014″
Please note that a first night deposit is required and is not refundable.
Only fifty rooms per night in the block (small hotel).

Hotel Dauphin (Centre-Ville):
1025 rue De Bleury, Montréal
No web link; phone-in only.
$170 per queen/queen room per night.

Modern boutique-style hotel three minutes walk to venue.
Includes breakfast.
Reservation department: 1-888-784-3888 or 514-788-3888
Mention there is a group rate with the Irish Dance Teachers.
Please note that a first night deposit is required and is not refundable.
Only twenty-five (two-bedded) rooms per night in the block (small hotel).

Links to hotels are for research only; not for bookings in our block.

The map showing all hotels has been updated and can be found on the Downloads page.


New hotels

Hello. Two more hotels have been secured and booking info will appear as soon as it hits my desk. I can’t say when that will be promise I will upload it all ASAP.


Hotel Update – February 13th.

Demand for rooms has settled for the moment.

We reached out to all existing hotels for more rooms and they replied that they are sold out unless noted below.

Rooms booked outside the block rate can not be moved into the block so those nights will not qualify for wristbands. Every hotel ended up giving us more block rate rooms than in our contracts and cannot extend the block any further. Staff at the hotel are telling you to contact us to ask to be an exception but please don’t. The hotels have been asked and double-asked by us and they have replied that they have extended the block all that they are prepared to do.

We are still investigating some new hotels however there are rooms left as follows:

Nearly 200 rooms available for every night of the championships plus the days before and after.

Rooms available every night plus before and after the competition days.

Holiday Inn
Rooms available every night plus before and after.

Rooms available on Tuesday July 1 only (ideal for teachers attending only the convention).

Rooms available on Tuesday July 1 Wednesday July 2 and Sunday July 6 only. Nothing in between and they cannot add more rooms because they are sold out.

Rooms on the 1st 2nd 5th and 6th. Nothing in between. Sold out.

Rooms available on Tuesday July 1 and Sunday July 6. Nothing in between. Sold out.

Sunday July 6 only. Nothing else. Sold out.

Embassy, SpringHill and InterContinental. Sold out. No chance of adding any more rooms.

To answer wristband queries – they will be issued for check-in and check-out days so if someone books in the block for Wednesday and Thursday nights, they will receive wristbands for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

And finally. We will ensure there are enough rooms for everyone to book in the block to avoid the Facility Access Fee. We will not reach a point where we decide to waive the fee for those booking at the last minute.